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Sue Clark Wittenberg says Psychiatry is the biggest medical fraud out there today"

Above is a picture of Sue Clark-Wittenberg taken in her home taken in May 2007 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Welcome to my online book "Behind the Locked Ward - The Sue Clark Story" is the first section of my online book. The second section of my book is called "Psychiatry is the biggest medical fraud out there today" The book is in 2 parts.

Some chapters of my book are completed now and you can read them, some other parts of my book are not completed yet. My online book should be completed by the end of October 2007 - The book is written in the first person - by me.

You can also visit my other 2 blogs:

Psychiatrybuster - - exposing psychiatry as the biggest medical fraud out there today

The Wittenberg Center to End Electroshock - - my husband and I founded this center in May 2007 to help educate the public that electroshock harms people and to lobby all levels of governments to help ban electroshock universally.

You can contact me, Sue Clark-Wittenberg
Telephone: (613) 721-1833 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Snail mail: getting a postal office box soon

I am looking for a website design company to help me set up a professional website. If anyone is interested, please contact me at: or call me at: 613-721-1833. I need web
hosting as well. If anyone could do it for free for me that would be great if not we could discuss the matter. I live on a meagre disability pension from the Ontario Government.

"Money cannot buy character, character is what we are when we are alone with ourselves in the dark"

"Unless we work for the common good, there won't be any"

WELCOME TO MY BLOG - May 31, 2007

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Hello, I am Sue Clark-Wittenberg and I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am 52 years old. I am married to Steven Wittenberg. This blog is the true story of my life from my childhood 1955 to the present 2007. This is my online book. I can't afford to publish my life story so I put it online. If someone knows of a publisher who may be interested in publishing my life story please contact me at: or call me in Ottawa Ontario Canada: 613-721-1833

I also welcome constructive criticism about my book and will answer your questions etc.
It may take a few days as I am very busy right now but I will answer your emails and telephone calls.

You can post your comments on my blog in a section called "Leave your comments here"

In the first section of my online book, I discuss my traumatic childhood, my turbulent teenage years, and my18 years of being psychiatrized from 1972 to 1990 on psychiatric wards in Ontario.

I am an antipsychiatry activist who fighting actively with many others to ban electroshock also known as ECT and shock therapy and electroconvulsive therapy because it always causes brain damage.

I was a psychiatric patient in and out of psychiatric hospitals in Ottawa and in Ontario for 18 years from 1972 to 1990. I suffered from depression as I had been a victim of childhood abuse and from being abused in two of my marriages. I was tortured by psychiatry for those 18 years with electroshock, many toxic psychiatric medications and with may different bogus psychiatric diagnoses/disorders.

I have been free of psychiatry since 1990. I have never felt better in all my life. I have not been admitted to a psychiatric ward since 1989 and I have not taken any psychiatric medication since 1990.

In the second section of my online book - I will expose that psychiatry still continues to torture people with electroshock, labelling people with bogus psychiatric diagnoses and with toxic psychiatric medications/drugs. There is no scientific proof nor test that proves that mental illness exists as of yet but psychiatry continues to label people with bogus psychiatric diagnoses as outlined in the DMS - IV book which is called The Diagnostic Manual of Statistical of Mental Disorders and by giving people toxic psychiatric drugs. The time has come for me to let the world know that psychiatry is a travesty and that "psychiatry is the biggest medical fraud out there today" and that psychiatry is a travesty!

I discuss my personal life and my marriages and what happened to me.

I discuss my antipsychiatry activism in the past and in the present. I also detail my antipoverty activism in Ottawa.

I write about my present and what my dreams are, what my aspirations are and my goals for the future.

Everything I write about in my online book is true. Some parts of my book are graphic in content and I give a warning before that section. I had to put in some graphic parts in my book as these were experiences that were part of my life and I feel no shame in doing so. Some names have been changed to protect people's identities.

I dedicate my book to Marian Crow who believed in me and hired me as a speaker. She has been
a true friend to me. I love her and respect her as a great human being and as an advocate. I also dedicate my book to all my peers who have experienced the mental health system and to those who figth psychiatric oppression everyday.
I want to give special thanks to my Grade 9 English teacher Mrs. Burbridge who taught at Champlain High School in 1968 in Ottawa. She took me aside and told me I had a rare quality in my writing abilities that she rarely saw and she encouraged me to continue to write to magazines and
anywhere that would publish my work. I was one of the winners in a poetry contest the Ottawa Public Library had in 1971. My poem will be in my book. I had very little encouragement in my life before that. Mrs. Burbridge's positive feedback gave me a sense of self esteem I never had before that.

I want to thank the following people because they are my mentors. Don Weitz and Dr. Bonnie Burstow of Toronto, Leonard Roy Frank from San Francisco, and Dr. Peter R. Breggin in New York State, and Dr. John Breeding from Texas.

I want to thank these people for their continuing support of me: David Oaks, director of, Jane Scharf, activist and friend in Ottawa. Dr. Lolita N. in Toronto and my friend Dustin Munro, and my friend Amy Hoffman. I want to thank Kathleen Whip who was my former therapist at the Sexual Support Center in Ottawa (SASC)
I want to thank everyone who fights psychiatric oppression.
I also want to thank my husband Steven Wittenberg whose patience and love and understanding made me want to finish my book at last. He never judges me but tries to understand me. I am a very complex person but he takes time to understand me. He is a very kind, caring and loving. Without Steven I could not have written my book.