Monday, July 30, 2007


Above is picture of Sue's brother Chris who is on the left in blue jeans and his friend Jason. This picture was taken at the Manotick Mill in Ontario.

Above is a picture of: front row: Left to right: Sue and Larry, Chris's friend. In the back is Sue's brother Chris.
Above is a picture of Sue's parents Paul Andre and Theresa Legare.

Above is a picture of: Left to right: Grandma Mary Sage, Theresa Legare, and Sue. Grandma Sage was Theresa's mom, Sue's grandmother. Theresa Legare is Sue's mom.

Above is a picture of Sue's brother Chris who is handsome. The top picture of Chris at Sue's first wedding to Fred Wegner in 1975. The bottom picture of Chris was taken in 1977 at Sue and Fred's townhouse on Bayshore Drive in Ottawa across from the Bayshore shopping Centre. Sue and Fred lived there with Fred's two sons Manfred and Walter Wegner.

Above is a picture of Sue taken at her parents condo at the Chateau Vanier on 158A McArthur Rd in
Vanier, Ontario in the fall of 1972. Sue is holding her grade 12 diploma from Sir Wilfrid Laurier
High School which was situated on Carson Rd on Vanier. Now the high school is in Orleans.

Above is a picture of Sue's father Paul Andre Legare taken at their family home at 66 Calais St,
in Touraine, Quebec. Picture taken in the late 60s. Sue's father has a black belt in Karate. Her father worked as a Director of Translation for the Customs and Excise Department which was situated beside the downtown Ottawa Public Library. Sue's father can speak 5 languages: French (his mother tongue), Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, some Russian. Sue's dad travelled all over the world.

Above is a picture of: Front Row: left to right: Sue Clark in a white skirt and top, Grandma Sage, and Chris wearing glasses. Back Row: left to right: Lyman Sage face partly cut off in picture,
Aunt Olive wearing glasses, her daughter Patricia "Patsy", and Uncle Patrick "Pat"

Above is a picture of Sue taken at St. George's Church near Byron Ave in Ottawa. Sue was 15 years old. Chris and Sue were playing tennis.

Above is a picture of Sue taken for her membership for skiing for the season 1971-72 to Edelweiss
Valley Ski resort in Wakefield, Quebec
Above is a picture of Sue and her brother Chris taken at the apartment hotel on O'Connor Street.
Sue was l6 years old and Chris was l5 years old. This picture was taken in 1971.

Above is a picture of my mom who is in the back row far right wearing a hat. Mom was a teenager. My aunt "cannie" Caroline is in the front row far right holding her daughter a baby named Carol who is wearing a bonnet. Caroline's daughter Margaret Ann is the little girl in the front row far left who has her mouth open.

Above is a picture of Sue's family. Left to right: Chris, Sue, Mom (Theresa) Dad (Paul-Andre)
This picture was taken in January, 1971 at 87 Clearview "the Paul Anka house" in Ottawa West.
Sue and her brother Chris were attending Champlain High School on Lanark Ave now renamed
the Jules Leger School.

Above is a picture of my mom's mother, my grandmother Mary Ann Flynn Sage, or as we all called her "nana Sage". My grandmother was Irish and she was born on a farm in Low, Quebec. Her mother died when she was young and her aunt came to live with the family. Her parents came from Ireland. Nana Sage worked at the British Bank Note in Ottawa. She married my grandfather
Joseph Sage from Martinsdale. They had 11 children. 10 kids, 2 of which were twins, and one stillbirth. One of the twins named Laura died when she went outside without a coat on and got very ill and died. The 9 kids names were: Herbie, Patrick, Lyman, Athall "Pete", Denzil, and Willie, Olive,
Caroline and Theresa (my mom) who was the baby of the family. Mom was born in Kazabazua, Quebec. Herbie is still living as well as my mom Theresa and Caroline. All the others are now
deceased. Nana Sage had an great Irish sense of humor.

Above is a picture of my dad's father, my grandfather Albert Legare. I was l7 years old and he was escorting me to my grade 12 graduation at Sir Wilfrid Laurier High School in 1972. This picture was taken at Chateau Vanier, the condo my parents bought in 1971 at 158A McArthur Rd, Apt 1710.

Above is a picture of my father's mom Yvette Trudel LEGARE who was my godmother and grandmother. She married Albert Legare, my grandfather. My middle name is Yvette after her. She died in the late 50's She came from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

She lived in Hull, Quebec and she sold Avon so my dad would have enough money to go to the University of Ottawa which he did. My dad got a Bachelor of Arts degree in the late 1950s. The family says I inherited Grandma Legare's curly hair. I did. Grandma Legare died when Sue was 4 years old. Albert Legare, her husband and my grandfather would beat Yvette.