Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Above is a picture of Dustin's room mate Dennis Hunt and Sue's friend. Dennis is wearing a white cap and is in back at the left near the pink fence and he is wearing glasses. Dennis died in 1992 from cancer.

Above is a picture of my ex boyfriend Dustin Munro. We went out together for 15 years until
2005. Dustin and I are still good friends.

Above is a picture of Kayla Welch, Jane Scharf's youngest daughter with two dogs

Above is a picture of Jane Scharf and Billy. Jane is an antipoverty activist in Ottawa. Billy can play the piano like nobody can. My favorite tune I ask him to play is the "Titantic" theme song

Above is a picture of Harry who is a close friend. Harry was a former criminal and civil lawyer in Ottawa for many years

Above is a picture of Sue's friend Marian Crow. Marian is a mental health worker in Ontario.
Sue worked for Marian in the education department at the Royal Ottawa Hospital in the Consumer-As-Expert program. Marian hired Sue because of her antipsychiatry views and that
Sue was a former patient at the ROH. Sue worked there from 92-94.