Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sue's Weddings Pics


Sue's 3rd marriage - Sue and Steven Wittenberg's Wedding Day. From left to right in picture, Stewart, Steven, Sue and Jane. Stewart and Jane were our witnesses to our wedding. Sue and Steven got married in February 2006 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Sue and Steven posing with Rev. Allan Galichan who performed their civil wedding ceremony
in February 2006 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Steven was single.

Sue's engagement picture with John Clark, her second husband to be n 1981. Sue met John through a friend of hers at a New Year Party in 1979. John was single.

Sue and John Clark's Wedding Day in May 1982 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. John Larry Clark
was Sue's second husband. Sue and John got married at the old city hall in Ottawa which was on Sussex Avenue in Ottawa. It was a civil ceremony. Sue and John honeymooned in Montreal,

Sue and Fritz "Fred" Wegner getting married by Rev. R. Good in Ottawa, Ontario in November 1975.
Fred was Sue's first husband. Sue and Fred met at the Bayshore Hotel in Ottawa in 1974.

Sue and Fred Wegner cutting their wedding cake. Sue's stepson Manfred Wegner bought the wedding cake where he worked at the Britannia Bakery on Richmond Road. It was November 1975.
Sue was 20 years old, Fred was 44 years old. Fred worked for the Ottawa city purification plants at
Lemieux Island and Britannia Plant as their horticulturist (gardner).