Friday, September 7, 2007

Sue's health problems

I have numerous health problems. Since 1984 I have had Diabetes Type II and I started to take pills for my diabetes about 6 years ago.

I presently have the last stages of Bell's Palsy which means the left part of face is paralyzed to some degree. I had an inflamation in a nerve in my face. I had this in 1980 the first time on the same sight of my face. It last for three months. Last September in 2006 I got Bell's Palsy again. It has been a year now and I still have it. It affects my speech to some degree and my vision in my left eye and affects my hearing in my left ear. One eye brow is higher than the other and my left eye looks smaller as a result.

I am obese and have been since 1973 when I first entered the psychiatric wards. I became a compulsive overeater to cope with the stress on being on locked wards. I have lost 50 pounds since
the late 80s.

I have high blood pressure and I take two types of medications for this daily.

I had a mini stroke last September around the same type I got Bell's Palsy. My memory is even more impaired than it was and I sometimes use different words for what I want to say. For instance I have called a bus a boat etc and the list goes on. I laugh when this happens and just try to use the
right word. My cognitive abilities are slower. It takes me longer to figure things out now.
The fingers on my left hand do not bend properly when I make a fist. They bend only slightly now.

I have severe arthritis in all my joints and spinal stenosis and that is why I use an electric wheelchair
since 2003 because it afffects my mobility. I can walk about 50 feet and then I have to sit down
as my legs won't hold me up any longer than that.

I have had two kidney stones and two operations. My last operation for my left kidney was in 2005.
Dr. Watterson at the Ottawa General did an excellent operation. Dr. Kitt the head of the Ottawa
Hospital sent me a get well card in the mail.

I have bad asthma and have been hospitalized many times. I take puffers for my asthma.

I have chronic bronchitis and respiratory disease.

I have a severe case of Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) as result of the abuse I suffered as a child and the abuse I suffered in two marriages.

I have poor circulation in my feet because of diabetes. I wear glasses.

My father paid tons of money for my teeth as a kid. I had lots of dental work done by an oral dental
surgeon, Dr. Morin who had an office on Gloucester Street in Ottawa in the 60s and 70s. I bit him once when I was a kid and he was angry and told me not to do that again and I didn't. I saw him until I was l7 years old, for about 10 years I would say. My brother Chris had lots of dental work done by the same dentist. I have good teeth and I see a dentist at Carlingwood Dental Center in Ottawa.
I don't wear false teeth, I still have all of my teeth for now, thank goodness.

Two specialists in Ottawa two years ago asked me why I am still alive. I told them I born of good Irish stock and I am a tough cookie. They laughed. I am a tough cookie only when I have to be.

I would like to lose more weight and take up exercise. I have been saying that for many years now.
I need to take better care of myself.

I am in chronic pain but I don't take any pain killers. My family doctor told me my blood pressure is too high to be able to take pain killers. He doesn't want me on them. I rest alot and lay down when
my pain is unbearable and that seems to help my back pain. I have arthritis in my back and spinal stenosis which is a very painful condition.

I eat well. I sleep well. I do not smoke. I used to smoke cigarettes when I was 19 year old to 21. I quit in 1976. I do not use alchohol. I did have a drinking problem at one time in my first marriage to Fred Wegner. I do not use street drugs and never did. I was not into the hippie life style. I dressed up the part but I was a square and still am. I don't allow people to smoke in my home as I have
severe asthma.

I used to have a home maker now and I do my own housework with the help of my husband Steven.