Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jim Watson

Above is a picture of Jim Watson who now an MPP for the Ontario Liberal government just re-elected
for a second term in the Dalton McGuinty Ontario government. Jim Watson was also an Ottawa
City councillor and then was voted in as the Mayor of Ottawa.

Sue tells off the Mayor of Ottawa - Jim Watson at Ottawa City Hall formerly on Sussex Ave

I walking downtown alot in Ottawa. I would see poor people mostly homeless looking into the garbage cans on the sidewalks and pulling anything out of it like half eating sandwiches, a half fixed bottle of soda and then eating the contents and walking away. This made my heart sink and I felt physically ill
seeing such poverty on the streets of Canada's capital, Ottawa, a wealthy nation.

One day I had the opportunity to speak out about homeless and poverty and I did. There was
Ottawa City Hall council meeting with the Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson and his city councillors
at the former City Hall on Sussex Ave. The older city hall sat dormat there next to it. This
new facility was impressive. Perched next to the water it had high tech everything in it.
As you entered the main doors of this city hall at the end of the long hallway was the City Hall
Chambers were the Mayor and his councillors had meetings.

The Chamber hall was very fancy indeed. It had high raised platform where the mayor and councillor sat. It was a dark oak and it was done by a carpenter by hand. The seats for the public sloped down in the front of the this impressive oak platform. In the middle of the seating area for the public
was an electronic device where wheelchairs could be lifted and which rarely well. Kevin Kinsella
a person with disabilities and an activist was in the automatic wheelchair high tech device that
got stuck when Kevin was high in mid air. It was all very embarassing to the mayor and city councillors who saw this. The people in the public gasped outloud when they saw this. It was
very humilitating for Kevin as well.

Mayor Watson and his city councillors were having a meeting one day and I walked in and signed a sheet asking to speak on a poverty and I was granted to speak and I did.

I had a tiny tin garbage can with me and garbage bag full of garbage I had collected.
I took out my garbage can and sat it on the ledge in front of me and I opened my garbage bag and the contents smelled pretty awful for sure of the rotting contents in it. Jim Watson looked perplexed but
let me continue.