Saturday, October 27, 2007

Paul Martin

Above is picture of the former Prime Minister of Canada and he was the Finance Minister for the Federal Liberal Government for years.

Sue tells off Paul Martin

I was at St. Joe's Center when one of the staff asked me to come into the office. Someone had called the drop in center from CBC and wanted to know if a person on social services would like to be on national tv to speak about poverty issues. Paul Martin the federal Finance Minister was holding his ? at the Museum of Civilization in Hull. I said I would attend. CBC paid for my taxi and I had to leave by 6:50 a.m. to get there and I did. I was up early and had on my best clothes. The taxi promptly picked me up and I was excited. Something like a prize fighter before a big match. Here was my opportunity to tell Paul Martin what I thought on national tv.

There were people all over Canada picked to be on this national broadcast. People from financial backgrounds, health backgrounds, poverty activists like myself etc.

I told one of the moderators I wanted to speak. I stood up and said my name. Paul Martin was about five feet away up on a higher level mock stage. I saw his cold blue eyes staring at me and sizing me up. Little did he know I could hold my own with the best of them and I did. I told Paul Martin
I was a person with diabilities and I was an antipoverty activist for years in Ottawa. I told him that
nothing very much was being done for persons with disabilities and there were lots of studies getting dusty in some office filing cabinet. I told him I called the Prime Minister's office for a job, then
Jean Chretien and I never got a call back. Mr. Martin acknowledged more had to be done for
persons with disabilities and was surprised the Prime Minister's office did not call me. I also told him that homelessness was a national disgrace and he agreed that it was.

A reporter from a Toronto newspaper asked me for an interview after the event and I did.

Here is the article